100+ Animals that Start with G

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Looking for an awesome list of animals that start with G?

I bet the first animal that starts with G that you’ll think of is Giraffe! Perhaps you are forgetting about Goat, Goldfish and Gorilla? There are so many amazing G letter animals to choose from. In this article we’ll review the top 100 animals that start with the letter G. We’ll cover G animals that are great, gorgeous and even Giant! There are loads of amazing G animals to review.

The letter G includes some of the most interesting animals around.

Educate yourself about these gorgeous beings by learning about these animals that start with the letter ‘G.’ 

The Greatest of Them All: Top 15 Animals that Start with the Letter ‘G’ 

Some animals are recognizable for their one-of-a-kind appearances or strange habits. Get to know 15 of the most popular animals that begin with the letter ‘G.’ 

Out of the Ordinary: Unconventional Animal Names that Start with ‘G’ 

Some creatures are remarkable for their ridiculously funny or unusual names that many people can remember. Check out some of these animals that start with the letter ‘G.’ 

  1. Galloway 
  2. Gaur 
  3. Gemsbok 
  4. Gerenuk 
  5. Gharial 
  6. Ghost Crab 
  7. Giant Schnauzer 
  8. Glass Frog 
  9. Gnat 
  10. Goblin Shark 
  11. Goitered Gazelle 
  12. Goral 
  13. Greater Kudu 
  14. Guenon 
  15. Gypsy Moth 

The Oddballs: Peculiar Animals that Start with G

As mentioned earlier, some creatures have eccentric body parts, allowing them to stand out from millions of species in the animal kingdom. Get to know some of these peculiar animals with names that begin with the letter ‘G.’ 

  1. Gelada Monkey 
  2. Geoffroy’s Tamarin 
  3. Giant Isopod 
  4. Giant Oarfish 
  5. Giant Pink Slug 
  6. Gila Monster 
  7. Green Anole 
  8. Glowworm 
  9. Gobi Jerboa 
  10. Golden Poison Frog 
  11. Golden Tortoise Beetle 
  12. Green Anole 
  13. Green Lacewing 
  14. Ground Pangolin 
  15. Guereza 

Gullible-looking Animals that begin with ‘G’ 

Novelty aside, some animals take advantage of their innocent looks and charms to make them unforgettable. Here are 15 of the cutest animals that begin with the letter ‘G.’ 

  1. Galago 
  2. Galapagos Sea Lion 
  3. Garden Eel 
  4. German Spitz 
  5. Giant Panda 
  6. Ginkgo-toothed Beaked Whale 
  7. Goeldi’s Marmoset 
  8. Golden Mole 
  9. Golden Oriole 
  10. Gouldian Finch 
  11. Greater Bilby 
  12. Greater Grison 
  13. Green Bee-Eater 
  14. Grouse 
  15. Guinea Pig 

Not-so Gigantic: Small Animals that Start with the Letter ‘G’ 

For some animals, being small is advantageous. Tiny creatures do not need many supplies or big spaces to live on. Here are the following small survivors in the animal kingdom. 

  1. Gall Midge 
  2. Gall Wasp 
  3. Geometer Moth 
  4. Gerbil 
  5. Gossamer-winged Butterfly 
  6. Grain Weevil 
  7. Grass Mantis 
  8. Green Acouchi 
  9. Green Bottle Fly 
  10. Green Tree Frog 
  11. Grey Mouse Lemur 
  12. Ground Beetle 
  13. Ground Pearl 
  14. Guava Moth 
  15. Guppy 

The Giants of the Animals: Big-Sized Animals that Start with the Letter ‘G’ 

Most top predators are large creatures, with size being their ally to intimidate other living beings. Get to know some of these gigantic animals that start with the letter ‘G.’ 

  1. Gazelle 
  2. Giant Forest Hog 
  3. Giant African Land Snail 
  4. Giant Armadillo 
  5. Giant Tortoise 
  6. Golden-Crowned Flying Fox 
  7. Goliath Birdeater 
  8. Goliath Frog 
  9. Great Barracuda 
  10. Great Blue Heron 
  11. Great Dane 
  12. Greater Flamingo 
  13. Grey Reef Shark 
  14. Great Hammerhead Shark 
  15. Guanaco 

Gorgeous Creatures that Start with the Letter ‘G’ 

The following animals that start with the letter ‘G’ will mesmerize you with their fun personalities and charming appearances. 

  1. Galah 
  2. Galapagos Fur Seal 
  3. Galapagos Penguin 
  4. Gambian-Pouched Rat 
  5. Genet 
  6. German Shepherd 
  7. Giant Panda Bear 
  8. Golden Masked Owl 
  9. Golden Retriever 
  10. Greater Galago 
  11. Grey Seal 
  12. Griffonshire 
  13. Grivet 
  14. Gopher 
  15. Gundi 

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