100+ Animals that start with H

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Are you looking for the best animals that start with H?

Which H animals do you think of at first? Is it Hyena? Or maybe hippopotamus! In this article we’ll review the top 100 animals that start with the letter H. We’ll cover an amazing set of H animals from all over the earth. There are so many amazing and interesting letter H animals around.

The letter H includes some of the most fascinating animals on the planet.

Have you heard of the Harp Seal, Hedgehog and Heron? This is just a small taste of the variety of creatures that start with the letter H.

Below you will find a list of the most common H animals:

Hot Topics: Top 15 Animals that Start with the Letter ‘H’ 

Here are the hottest or most popular creatures with the names beginning with the letter ‘H.’ 

Animals with Unusual Names that Start with the Letter ‘H’ 

Some creatures have ridiculous or funny names given by some scientists or zoologists. Despite that, their names might be helpful for you to recognize them. Check out some of these weirdly named animals that start with the letter ‘H.’ 

  1. Hagfish 
  2. Hairy-nosed Otter 
  3. Hairy Fungus Beetle 
  4. Hamerkop Bird 
  5. Harlequin Beetle 
  6. Hawaiian Bobtailed Squid 
  7. Hellbender 
  8. Hercules Beetle 
  9. Hermit Crab 
  10. Hissing Cockroach 
  11. Hoatzin 
  12. Honeypot Ant 
  13. Hoopoe 
  14. Horgi 
  15. Hutia 

Weird but Wonderful: 15 Bizarre Animals that Start with the Letter ‘H’ 

As years pass by, some animals have evolved to cope with the never-ending changes in the environment, thereby ending up with eccentric features and habits. Discover some of these never-been-seen strange animals that start with the letter ‘H.’ 

  1. Halitrephes Jelly 
  2. Harpy Eagle 
  3. Hellmich’s Tree Iguana 
  4. Heterodontus 
  5. Hickory Horned Devil 
  6. Honduran White Bat 
  7. Hooded Seal 
  8. Horn Shark 
  9. Horned Frog 
  10. Horned Lizard 
  11. Horned Puffin 
  12. Horseshoe Crab 
  13. Howler Monkey 
  14. Humpback Anglerfish 
  15. Humpback Wrasse 

Humanity’s Favorites: 15 Cute Animals that Start with H

Get to know the attractive side of the following animals that begin with the letter ‘H.’ 

  1. Harwood’s Gerbil 
  2. Havanese 
  3. Havapoo 
  4. Hazel Dormouse 
  5. Head-Bobbing Lemur 
  6. Hermit Wood Wren 
  7. Heuglin’s White-eye 
  8. Highland Elaenia 
  9. Hill Swallow 
  10. Himalayan Bluetail 
  11. Hoary Bat 
  12. Honduran White Bat 
  13. Hooded Berryeater 
  14. House Finch 
  15. Hummingbird 

The Little Big Stars: 15 Small Animals beginning with the Letter ‘H’ 

All animals have significant contributions to the environment, whether they are large or small. Learn more about the following tiny animals beginning with ‘H.’ 

  1. Hainan Gymnure 
  2. Hairstreak 
  3. Harvester Ant 
  4. Hawaiian Crow 
  5. Heath Rat 
  6. Hepatic Tanager 
  7. Hessian Fly 
  8. Hippocampus Denise 
  9. Hister Beetle 
  10. Horntail 
  11. Horsefly 
  12. House Wren 
  13. Hover Fly 
  14. Human Louse 
  15. Humpback Fly 

Heavy and Husky: 15 Large Animals that Start with the Letter ‘H’ 

Be sure to check out these 15 large and husky creatures dominating the animal kingdom.

  1. Haflinger 
  2. Hammerhead Shark 
  3. Hanoverian Horse 
  4. Hartebeest 
  5. Hawaiian Monk Seal 
  6. Hector’s Beaked Whale 
  7. Hen Harrier 
  8. Highland Cattle 
  9. Holsteiner 
  10. Horn Bill 
  11. Hourglass Dolphin 
  12. Hucul Pony 
  13. Humboldt Squid 
  14. Humpback Whale 
  15. Huntsman Spider 

Heavenly Appeal: 15 Adorable Animals that Start with ‘H’ 

The following adorable animals will tickle your soft side through their alluring appeal. 

  1. Handley’s Slender Opossum 
  2. Harbor Seal 
  3. Havana (Cat) 
  4. Havanese 
  5. Hawaiian Monk Seal 
  6. Herrara’s Mud Turtle 
  7. Herring Gull 
  8. Himalayan Cat 
  9. Hoffmann’s Two-toed Sloth 
  10. Honey Badger 
  11. Humboldt’s Flying Squirrel 
  12. Humboldt Penguin 
  13. Huskador 
  14. Huskydoodle 
  15. Hyrax 

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