100+ Animals that Start with I

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Are you looking for the best list of animals that start with I?

It might be hard to come up with even a few animals that begin with the letter I! Perhaps you are forgetting about Iguana, Impala and Inchworm. In fact, there quite a lot of I letter animals to choose from. In this article we’ll review the top 100 animals that start with the letter I. We’ll cover I animals that are interesting, intriguing and impressive! There are so many amazing letter I animals around.

The letter I includes some of the most intriguing animals in the world.

To start it off you will find a list of the most common I animals below:

Interesting and Impressive: Top 15 Animals that Start with the Letter ‘I’ 

Here are the top 15 I animals that will impress you with their skills and uniqueness 

Intriguing and Strange Animals Names Beginning with the Letter ‘I’ 

Don’t you find it fascinating to discover animals with absurdly bizarre or funny names? Well, here they are! Learn more about the following animals and remember their odd names. 

  1. Ice Blue Red Top Zebra (Fish) 
  2. Ice Bug 
  3. Ice Cream Cone Worm 
  4. Ice Frog 
  5. Imbricate Alligator Lizard 
  6. Immortal Jellyfish 
  7. Impala 
  8. Imperial Moth 
  9. Indian Muntjac 
  10. Inelegant Frog 
  11. Insular Horseshoe Bat 
  12. Intermediate Slit-faced Bat 
  13. Iraqi Eyelid Gecko 
  14. Irksome Eel 
  15. Ivory Bush Coral 

Inexplicable, Incongruous: 15 Bizarre Animals that Start with the Letter ‘I’ 

What’s even more interesting than seeing strange-looking animals or witnessing out-of-this-world animal habits for the first time? Check out these bizarre animals that begin with the letter ‘I.’ 

  1. Iberian Mountain Lizard 
  2. Ibisbill 
  3. Inca Hairless Dog 
  4. Indian Bullfrog 
  5. Indian Crested Porcupine 
  6. Indian Glassfish 
  7. Indian Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle 
  8. Indian Pangolin 
  9. Indian Purple Frog 
  10. Indo-pacific Humpback Whale 
  11. Indri 
  12. Iranian Earless Toad 
  13. Iranian Worm Snake 
  14. Iridescent Shark 
  15. Izu Catshark 

Cute and Irresistible Animals that Start with I

The following animals have physical features and even habits that make them look 100% irresistible to the eyes of many. 

  1. Ibadan Malimbe 
  2. Iceland Gull Indian Desert Jird 
  3. Icterine Greenbul 
  4. Idaho Ground Squirrel 
  5. Ili Pika 
  6. Indian Desert Jird 
  7. Indian Spitz 
  8. Indian Spotted Chevrotain 
  9. Indonesian Damsel 
  10. Io Moth 
  11. Irrawaddy Dolphin 
  12. Irrawaddy Squirrel 
  13. Island Boxfish 
  14. Island Fox 
  15. Insular Vole 

Itsy-Bitsy but Not Inferior: 15 Tiny Animals that Start with ‘I’ 

Discover more about the following animals that roam the world high and mighty regardless of their petite size. 

  1. Iago Sparrow 
  2. Ibis 
  3. Ichneumons 
  4. Inexpectatum Pleco 
  5. Ihering’s Hocicudo 
  6. Ihering’s Short-tailed Opossum 
  7. Imposter Fangblenny 
  8. Inchworm 
  9. Indiana Bat 
  10. Indian Spiny Loach 
  11. Inland Hill Rat 
  12. Iranian Shrew 
  13. Irian Jaya Rainbowfish 
  14. Island Glass Lizard 
  15. Island Gray Fox 

The Extraordinary Giants: 15 Big Creatures that Begin with the Letter ‘I’ 

Indulge your hunger for knowledge by knowing these gigantic creatures that begin with the letter ‘I.’ 

  1. Iberian Pig 
  2. Ibex 
  3. Iceland Falcon 
  4. Icelandic Horse 
  5. Idaho Giant Salamander 
  6. Inconnu (Fish) 
  7. Indian Elephant 
  8. Indian Gazelle 
  9. Indian Gharial 
  10. Indian Giant Squirrel 
  11. Indian Python 
  12. Indian Rhinoceros 
  13. Indian Star Tortoise 
  14. Irish Draught 
  15. Irish Wolfhound 

Animals with Inexplicable Charms: 15 Creatures that Start with the Letter ‘I’ 

Check out these 15 uber-adorable animals that start with the letter ‘I’ and see if you can resist the urge to touch or see them. 

  1. Iberian Lynx 
  2. Iberian Mole 
  3. Ibizan Hound 
  4. Icelandic Sheepdog 
  5. Imo-Inu 
  6. Indian Hare 
  7. Indian Mongooserel 
  8. Indian Palm Squirrel 
  9. Iraqi Wildcat 
  10. Iriomote Cat 
  11. Irish Dane 
  12. Irish Water Spaniel 
  13. Irriwaddy Squirrel 
  14. Isle of Man Longhair Cat 
  15. Italian Doxie 

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