100+ Animals that Start With J

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Are you looking for the best list of animals that start with J?

How many animals can you think of that start with the letter J? Are you forgetting about Jaguar, Jellyfish and Jumping Spider?

There are so many incredible J letter animals to choose from. In this article we’ll review the top 100 animals that start with the letter J. We’ll cover J animals that will be sure to impress! There are loads of interesting J animals to review.

Foster your interest in animals by learning about animals that begin with the letter ‘J.’ 

Jacks-of-all-trades, Masters of the Kingdom: 15 Animals that Start with the Letter ‘J’ 

All animals are good at something, but some of them are skillful at almost everything, from hunting, foraging, escaping, fighting, and even reproducing. Here are some of the best and if not, the most famous creatures in the world of animals. 

Animals with Unusual Names that Start with the Letter ‘J’ 

Some animals can make you laugh or astonish you with their strange yet funny names. Check out these creatures that start with the letter ‘J.’ 

  1. Jabiru 
  2. Jackass 
  3. Jackknife Fish 
  4. Jamaican Laughing Frog 
  5. Jamaican Snoring Frog 
  6. Japanese Wrinkled Frog 
  7. Jasus 
  8. Javan Chorus Frog 
  9. Javan Slit-faced Bat 
  10. Javelin Frog 
  11. Jerusalem Cricket 
  12. Jingle Shell 
  13. Jonah Crab 
  14. Joyful Greenbul 
  15. Jumping Jack 

Just Spooky: Mysterious Animals that Start with ‘J’ 

Evolution can do wonders. Don’t get shocked by the following outlandish creatures that begin with the letter ‘J.’ 

  1. Jacana 
  2. Jackson’s Chameleon 
  3. Japanese Black Salamander 
  4. Japanese Bullhead Shark 
  5. Japanese Fire-bellied Newt 
  6. Japanese Glass Shrimp 
  7. Japanese Spider Crab 
  8. Javan Frogmouth 
  9. Javan Horned Frog 
  10. Javan Langur 
  11. Jerboa 
  12. Jeweled Chameleon 
  13. Jeweled Lizard 
  14. John Dory (Fish) 
  15. Jumping Stick 

Just Cute Creatures that Start with the Letter ‘J’ 

Check out the following creatures that are simply cute and lovable in all aspects. 

  1. Jacamar 
  2. James’s Gerbil 
  3. Japanese Chin 
  4. Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel 
  5. Japanese Marten 
  6. Japanese Squirrel 
  7. Japanese White Rabbit 
  8. Javan Tree Shrew 
  9. Japeke 
  10. Jersey Wooly 
  11. Jico Deer Mouse 
  12. Julia Creek Dunnart 
  13. Jumping Spider 
  14. Junco 
  15. Jungle Flycatcher 

Not-so Jumbo: Tiny Animals that Begin with the Letter ‘J’ 

As the saying goes, “small but mighty,” the following small animals can prove that they are indeed powerful creatures on earth. 

  1. Jackdaw 
  2. Jade Beetle 
  3. Jalapa Spiny Lizard 
  4. Jalisco Cotton Rat 
  5. Japanese Beetle 
  6. Jar Fly 
  7. Jassid 
  8. Jenkin’s Shrew 
  9. Joon 
  10. Julia Butterfly 
  11. Jumping Mouse 
  12. Jumping Plant Louse 
  13. Jungle Crow 
  14. Jungle Palm Squirrel 
  15. Juniper Shield Bug 

Jumbo Animals that Start with the Letter ‘J’ 

Discover more about these jumbo-sized creatures that rule the world with their strength and stature. 

  1. Japanese Black (Cattle) 
  2. Jaca Navarra 
  3. Jaguar 
  4. Jamaican Boa 
  5. Jamnapari 
  6. Japanese Giant Salamander 
  7. Javan Leopard 
  8. Javan Pony 
  9. Javan Rhinoceros 
  10. Javan Rusa 
  11. Javan Warty Pig 
  12. Jeju Horse 
  13. Johnson’s Crocodile 
  14. Juan Fernández Fur Seal 
  15. Jutland Horse 

Unbelievably Charming Animals that Start with the Letter ‘J’ 

Can you believe that there are living beings that are exceeding in adorableness? Well, here are 15 unbelievably charming creatures that start with the letter ‘J.’ 

  1. Jack Snipe 
  2. Jackrabbit 
  3. Jackson’s Hornbill 
  4. Jaeger 
  5. Jaguarundi 
  6. Jameson’s Red Rockhare 
  7. Japanese Giant Flying Squirrel 
  8. Japanese Terrier 
  9. Japanese Spitz 
  10. Javan Ferret-Badger 
  11. Javanese 
  12. Jerdon’s Palm Civet 
  13. Jico Deer Mouse 
  14. Jungle Bush Quail 
  15. Jungle Cat 

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