100+ A List of Animals that start with M

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Looking for the best animals that start with M?

What are the first M animals that come to mind? Is it Monkey or Manatee? In this article we’ll review the top 100 animals that start with the letter M. We’ll cover all the magnificent M animals around. There are so many unique and interesting M animals in the animal kingdom.

The letter M includes some of the most fun and interesting animals on this planet.

Have you heard of the Macaque, Mamba, and Mayfly? This is just a small sample of some of the cool animals that start with M.

Below you will find a list of the most common letter M animals:

The Magnificent: Top 15 Common Animals that Start with the Letter ‘M’

Here are some of the elite animals that start with the letter ‘M.’


Macaques are Old World Monkeys that inhabit the tropical rainforests of Asia. They are covered in brownish-black fur and have elongated faces similar to a baboon’s. Like most primates, macaques also feed on plants and insects. Yet, the Barbary macaques have no tails in contrast to what most monkeys have.


A macaw is a parrot species characterized by its large size, bright-colored feathers, long feathery tail, and a large-sized curvaceous beak. As pets, macaws can be loud creatures. Surprisingly, they can mimic different sounds from their surroundings, including human speech. They are natives of many tropical rainforests in the North and Central Americas.


Also known as the pelagic fish, mackerels are small-to-medium-sized sea creatures covered in blue-green scales on top and silver-colored skin on the lower part. They are also some of the most in-demand fish for consumption and can be preserved through canning. There are 21 species of mackerel and over 50 billion of them in the world, which means that their population can suffice the need for food consumption.


Mambas are fast-moving reptiles. Specifically, the black mamba is the quickest among all snake species. A mamba’s bite is so lethal that a few drops of its venom would be a death blow to any human being. You can find mambas in the savannahs of South Africa, where they love hiding under rocks and inside cracks and burrowing to keep them cool.


Also called dugong, the manatee is the “sea cow” of seas and oceans because of its love of grazing seagrass. As a matter of fact, they can consume up to 150 pounds of marine plants in a day, which explains their weight that can go up to a thousand pounds. Manatees have very thick wrinkled skin with algae growing on it. They live in shallow areas near coasts, rivers, and bays because they need to swim up the surface quickly for air.

Marine Iguana

Despite their intimidating appearance and massive size, marine iguanas are nonaggressive reptiles. They have thick, dry, and scaly skin with spikes atop their bodies. Most areas of their skin are greyish-black with blotches of turquoise or dark blush pink. A marine iguana’s body also has specialized salt glands that help them remove excess salt from their system. 


This insect is one of the creatures with very short lifespans; they can only survive for 24 hours. Mayflies have transparent veiny wings, an elongated and segmented body, and two long antennae. Unfortunately, these tiny creatures don’t have a fully-developed set of mouthparts, which is why they can’t feed on anything. They only focus on populating from the moment they start flying.

Mexican Alligator Lizard

The Mexican alligator lizard is an exotic creature that dwells in the trees of Mexican cloud forests. It has a vibrant teal blue or green scaly skin as its external covering and sheds just like every reptile. They may appear fierce, but they don’t usually bite humans. What they love munching on are crickets. Sadly, its population continues to decrease drastically because of habitat destruction.


This small furry mammal loves digging burrows and dwelling underground. Moles are earless but have a small hairy pinkish snout, fine whiskers, and tiny eyes that contribute to their adorable features. They have long slender claws that they mainly use for excavating the soil for nesting and crawling underneath. 


The mongoose has an uncanny weasel-like appearance. However, it is short-necked and has shaggy brownish-black fur compared to weasels. Despite their cutesy look, mongooses are experts in hunting and exterminating venomous snakes, but they aren’t the quickest runners.

Monkey-eating Eagle

The monkey-eating eagle is a large predatory bird endemic to the tropical forests in the Philippines. It got its name from its favorite prey – monkeys. They also have dark brownish-black wings and backs and white ones on the frontal area. It also has long feathers covering its head that form a crest.


Mosquitoes are tiny winged insects of which there are trillions all over the world. They are also a threat to animals and humans for transmitting deadly diseases such as dengue and malaria. However, only the females are dangerous since they have the proboscis sharp enough to prick the animal and human skin.


Moths are four-winged insects with hairy and velvety bodies and a pair of antennae that move outward. Most of them have earth-colored hues, while others have bright-colored blotches. Different moth species can adapt in various environments around the world, even in the Arctic regions. Many adult moths also don’t eat since they don’t have fully functioning mouthparts for consumption.


A mouse is a small mammal recognizable for its two rounded ears, furry skin, small pointed snout, and long hairless tail. It is comparable to a rat, another member of the rodent family, but rats are more massive than mice. Their habitats include grasslands and forests, yet some of them dwell in residential areas and building premises.

Popular Animals with Memorable Names Starting with the Letter ‘M’

Some animals have names that you’d least expect to hear. They might be surprising, but their existence will surely be imprinted in your memory.

  1. Magpie
  2. Map Turtle
  3. Metallic Wood-boring Beetle
  4. Mudpuppy
  5. Melon-headed Whale
  6. Mockingbird
  7. Muntjac
  8. Macaroni Penguin
  9. Mara
  10. Mustang
  11. Mourning Dove
  12. Mangalitza
  13. Mealybugs
  14. Markhor
  15. Mekong Giant Catfish

Mind-blowing Animals Start with the Letter ‘M’

Do you find it weird to see strange-looking creatures? There’s no need to worry, for the following list of animals has looks, habits, or abilities that will absolutely blow your mind.

  1. Maned Rat
  2. Marmoset
  3. Mudskipper
  4. Mole-rat
  5. Manatee
  6. Mouflon
  7. Markhor
  8. Mandrill
  9. Maned Wolf
  10. Moon Fish
  11. Mata Mata 
  12. Moloch
  13. Monkfish
  14. Macropinna Microstoma
  15. Marabou Stork

The Spellbinding Cuteness of Animals that Start with M

Not all animals look like they’re about to gobble you up. In fact, many animals look very enticing. Get attracted by these 15 creatures with overflowing cuteness.

  1. Mountain Beaver
  2. Miniature Horse
  3. Mini Lop
  4. Meadowlark
  5. Mink
  6. Marbled Polecat
  7. Mouse Lemur
  8. Merlin
  9. Mulgara
  10. Marten
  11. Mandarin Duck
  12. Maltese
  13. Muskrat
  14. Miniature Pinscher
  15. Mongoose

Tiny Animals that Start with the Letter ‘M’

The following creatures on the list live by the quote “small but terrible.” They might look weak due to their size, but no animal or human should underestimate them.

  1. Miner Bee
  2. Mole Cricket
  3. Monarch Butterfly
  4. Midget Moth
  5. Meadow Grasshopper
  6. Minnow
  7. Mite
  8. Molly
  9. Mantella Frog
  10. Mexican Free-tailed Bat 
  11. Mexican Mole Lizard
  12. Millipede
  13. Monte Iberia Eleuth
  14. Mountain Bluebird 
  15. Madagascar Rainbowfish

The Mega and Mighty Animals that Start with the Letter ‘M’

Being big has pros and cons, but these 15 animals ensure that they’re dominant and marvelous in everything they do.

  1. Musk Ox
  2. Mountain Lion
  3. Mule
  4. Mule Deer
  5. Mako Shark
  6. Middle White (Pig)
  7. Malayan Tiger
  8. Minke Whale
  9. Marlin
  10. Malayan Sun Bear
  11. Mountain Bongo
  12. Mountain Goat
  13. Mackenzie Wolf
  14. Moccasin
  15. Mountain Gorilla

The Captivating Charms of Animals that Start with the Letter ‘M’

Not only will these 15 adorable animals captivate your hearts, but they’ll make you even more interested in them, thanks to their charms.

  1. Marmot
  2. Miniature Donkey
  3. Merino Sheep
  4. Mallard Duck
  5. Meerkat
  6. Mountain Hare
  7. Musk Deer
  8. Mediterranean Monk Seal
  9. Margay
  10. Magellanic Penguin
  11. Maine Coon
  12. Malayan Civet
  13. Marble Fox
  14. Mongoose Lemur
  15. Moon Bear

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