100+ Animals that Start with D

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Searching for the best animals that start with D?

What is the first animal that comes to mind when you think of the letter D? It might be dog, or perhaps dolphin or deer! There are so many D letter animals to choose from. In this article we’ll review the top 100 animals that start with the letter D. We’ll cover D animals that are dominant, dashing, and even dangerous. There are so many amazing letter D animals around.

The letter D includes some of the most fascinating animals in the world.

Have you heard of the Dragonfly, Dingo and Dung Beetle? These are just a few of the many interesting animals that start with the letter D.

Below you will find a list of the most common D animals:

Here are 15 animals beginning with the letter ‘D’ that dominate the animal kingdom.

Animals with Strange Names that Start with the Letter ‘D’

Some animals have labels that are too distinctive to be forgotten. Discover more about these 15 animals with fascinating names.

  1. Dachsador
  2. Daggertooth Pike Conger 
  3. De Brazza’s Monkey
  4. Demoiselle (Fish)
  5. Dickcissel
  6. Dik-dik
  7. Discus
  8. Dogfish
  9. Dollarbird
  10. Dolphinfish
  11. Dodo
  12. Dog-toothed Cat Snake
  13. Dowitcher
  14. Draco Volans
  15. Dusky Woodcock

Weird but Unique: 15 Different Animals that Start with the Letter ‘D’

The following animals may have different physical features or strange habits, but those make them distinctive from the rest in the animal kingdom.

  1. Dakar Grassland Frog
  2. Danube Crested Newt
  3. Dark Flying Fox
  4. Dart Poison Frog
  5. Deadleaf Mantis
  6. Deep-sea Angler Fish
  7. Deep-sea Dragonfish
  8. Deer Mouse
  9. Deepwater Flathead
  10. Demon Mole Rat
  11. Desert Horned Lizard
  12. Dogteeth Tetra
  13. Dragon Sea Moth
  14. Drill (Primate)
  15. Duckbill Eel

Dainty and Lovely: 15 Cute Animals that Start with the Letter ‘D’

Some animals are appealing enough to lure other animals and even humans because of their physical traits or peculiarities. Get to know these 15 animals that will fascinate you with their cute charms.

  1. Dark-eyed Junco
  2. Dassie Rat
  3. Daurian Hedgehog
  4. De Winton’s Golden Mole
  5. Degu
  6. Deilenaar
  7. Dekeyser’s Nectar Bat
  8. Deppe’s Squirrel
  9. Desert Cottontail
  10. Desert Night Lizard
  11. Djungarian Hamster
  12. Dormouse
  13. Dotterel
  14. Dumbo Octopus
  15. Dwarf Mongoose

The David of the Animal Kingdom: 15 Small Animals that Start with the Letter ‘D’

While some animals rely on their enormous sizes to scare their prey or predator, some creatures take advantage of their small size. They might be small, but these are terrific critters of the animal kingdom.

  1. Damselfly
  2. Delta Smelt
  3. Denticle Herring
  4. Desert Pupfish
  5. Desert Shrew
  6. Dibbler
  7. Dinagat Gymnure
  8. Donacobius
  9. Dorkie
  10. Dotterel
  11. Dragonfly
  12. Dryland Mouse Opossum
  13. Dung Beetle
  14. Dunnart
  15. Dwarf Rabbit

The Massive Members of the Animal Kingdom: 15 Large Animals that Start with the Letter ‘D’

Being tall, massive, or both is an advantage for most animals, and here are 15 animals with names beginning with the letter ‘D’ that will astonish you with their enormous size.

  1. Dall’s Porpoise
  2. Dama Gazelle
  3. Darter
  4. Desert Locust
  5. Diana Monkey
  6. Dibatag
  7. Doberman Pinschers
  8. Dogo Argentino
  9. Dogue De Bordeaux
  10. Domestic Goat
  11. Donkey
  12. Doria’s Tree Kangaroo
  13. Duiker
  14. Dwarf Crocodile
  15. Dwarf Zebu

The Darling Animals: 15 Desirable Animals that Start with the Letter ‘D’

Not all animals are frightening. As a matter of fact, some can be as adorable as human babies. Check out these 15 creatures with desirable traits and see if you can withstand their attractiveness.

  1. Dachsund
  2. Dalmadoodle
  3. Dalmatian
  4. Darwin’s Fox
  5. Desert Hare
  6. Desert Tortoise
  7. Dhole
  8. Domestic Sheep
  9. Dorking Chicken
  10. Dory
  11. Douc Langur
  12. Duck-billed Platypus
  13. Dugong
  14. Dunker
  15. Dusky Dolphin

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