100+ Animals That Start With E

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Want to know the best animals that start with E?

If you’re trying to think of an animal name starting with E this list has got you covered! We have over 100 names for all sorts of animals with e, from common animals to unusual ones, and weird and cute ones! We’re sure you’ll find one you love!

The letter E includes some of the most exotic and fun animals in existence.

Have you heard of the Emu, Elk and Elephant? You’re sure to fall in love with these awesome animals!

Below you will find a list of the most common E animals:

Excellent, Exemplary: The Top 15 Animals that Start with the Letter ‘E’

Every creature is unique, but some stand out from the rest because of their exceptional characteristics or behavior. Here are 15 animals that are exemplary members of their kin.

15 Creatures with Eccentric Names that Start with the Letter ‘E’

Check out the following animals with eccentric names beginning with the letter ‘E.’

  1. Eagle Owl
  2. Eared Keelback
  3. Eared Poorwill
  4. Eared Quetzal
  5. Earwig
  6. Eelpout
  7. Elkhorn Coral
  8. Emily’s Tuco-tuco
  9. Emu
  10. Epagneul Pont Audemer
  11. Erotylidae
  12. Eskipoo
  13. Esmeraldas Antbird
  14. Eurasian Curfew
  15. Eyelight fish

15 Exotic Animals that Start with the Letter ‘E’

Some animals have out-of-the-ordinary ways or even exotic features, making them stand out among other creatures on land, air, and sea. Check out 15 strikingly different animals that start with the letter ‘E.’

  1. Eastern Eyed Click Beetle
  2. Eastern Fence Lizard
  3. Eastern Glass Lizard
  4. Eastern Hercules Beetle
  5. Echidna
  6. Echigo Mole
  7. Edible Sea Cucumber
  8. Eel-goby
  9. Electric Catfish
  10. Elegant Tree Iguana
  11. Emerald Spiny Lizard
  12. Emperor Tamarin
  13. Enggano White-eye
  14. Equatorial Saki
  15. Eungella Day Frog

15 Endearingly Cute Animals that Start with the Letter ‘E’

If you have a soft spot for anything cute and charming, then you’ll definitely remember these 15 animals.

  1. Ear-spot Squirrel
  2. Eared Hutia
  3. Eared Pygmy-Tyrant
  4. Eastern Phoebe
  5. Eastern Spotted Skunk
  6. Eastern Quoll
  7. Edith’s Leaf-eared Mouse
  8. Emily’s Tuco-tuco
  9. Emperor Fairywren
  10. English Sparrow
  11. Ermine
  12. Ethiopian Swallow
  13. Euphrates Jerboa
  14. Even-toothed Shrew
  15. Eyestripe Bass

Eensy-Weensy Animals that Start with the Letter ‘E’

The world is too big for you to see these small animals, but they have something to offer to the ecosystem. Check out the following tiny creatures that start with the letter ‘E.’

  1. Eared Pitta (Bird)
  2. Eastern Bluebird
  3. Eight-lined Wrasse
  4. Elated Skink
  5. Elburs Lizard
  6. Emerald Ash Borer
  7. Emerald Green Lampeye
  8. Empress Brilliant
  9. Endo’s Pipistrelle
  10. Epaulet Oriole
  11. Equatorial Akalat
  12. Everglades Dwarf Siren
  13. Eversmann’s Hamster
  14. Ewa Blenny (Fish)
  15. Ezo Salamander

Elephantine Creatures: 15 Massive Animals that Start with the Letter ‘E’

For animals, the body size is a significant factor in survival. They can take advantage of their large bodies to taunt their prey and store food and water. Here are 15 animals considered large species in their respective kindred.

  1. Eagle Ray
  2. Eastern Cougar
  3. Eastern Gorilla
  4. Eland
  5. Elasmobranch
  6. Eleanor’s Falcon
  7. Elephant
  8. Elephant Seal
  9. Eld’s Deer
  10. Elk
  11. Emperor Penguin
  12. European Bison
  13. European Hare
  14. European Herring Gull
  15. European Wolf

Extremely Enchanting Creatures: 15 Adorable Animals that Start with the Letter ‘E’

Some animals, whether they’re big or small, are enticing. When you see these 15 animals, you’ll never be able to resist their appeal.

  1. Eared Dove
  2. Echidna
  3. Egyptian Mau
  4. Egyptian Tortoise
  5. Eider
  6. Elephant Seal
  7. English Cream Golden Retriever
  8. English Cocker Spaniel
  9. English Pointer
  10. English Setter
  11. English Shepherd
  12. Eskimo Dog
  13. Estrela Mountain Dog
  14. Eurasian Red Squirrel
  15. European Otter

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