80+ Animals that start with U

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The Ubiquitous Animals that Start with the Letter ‘U’ 

Looking for the best list of animals that start with U?

The letter U is certainly an unusual letter, and there are some unusual animals on this list! What animal comes to mind when you first think of the letter U? Is it Urchin? Unicorn? In this article we’ll review the top 80 animals that start with the letter U.

The letter U includes some of the most unusual and unique beings!

Have you heard of the Uakari, Uguisu and Umbrellabird? I bet there will be more than a few new letter U animals for you to discover.

Unrivaled, Unmatched: 15 Well-known Animals that Start with the Letter ‘U’ 

Learn more about these animals unrivaled for their popularity, characteristics, dispositions, or ecological contributions. 

Animals with Uncanny Names that Start with the Letter ‘U’ 

Get to know the following animals with never-been-heard names. 

  1. U-mark Sandperch 
  2. Unicorn Sole 
  3. Union Jack Butterfly 
  4. Ulysses Butterfly 
  5. Underwood’s Bonneted Bat 
  6. Unadorned Rock Wallaby 
  7. Unicorn Leatherjacket 
  8. Uliodon 
  9. Usambara Akalat 
  10. Unlined Giant Chafer Beetle 
  11. Unarmed Dwarf Monocle Bream 
  12. Ursula’s Sunbird 
  13. Usambara Akalat 
  14. Urich’s Tyrannulet 
  15. Ussuri Sharpbelly 

Unusual, Uncommon, Unexpected: Weird Animals that Start with the Letter ‘U’ 

Expect these animals to have unexpected appearances or habits! 

  1. Ukrainian Brook Lamprey 
  2. Útila Spiny Tailed Iguana 
  3. Uroplatus Phantasticus 
  4. Unicorn Icefish 
  5. Uakari 
  6. Umbee Cichlid 
  7. Upland Horseshoe Bat 
  8. Undistinguished Sabertooth 
  9. Usambara Eagle Owl 
  10. Uromastyx Lizard 
  11. Umbonia Spinosa 
  12. Uruguayan Eartheater 
  13. Uluguru Blue-bellied Frog 
  14. Uganda Clawed Frog 
  15. Umbonia Spinosa 

Animals with Unceasing Cuteness that Start with the Letter ‘U’ 

Check out the following list of animals and see if you can resist the unceasing cuteness of these lovely creatures. 

  1. Upland Pipit 
  2. Uluguru Violet-Backed Sunbird 
  3. Unspotted Saw-Whet Owl 
  4. Ultimate Shrew 
  5. Utah Prairie Dog 
  6. Ussuri White-Toothed Shrew 
  7. Uinta Chipmunk 
  8. Uganda Woodland Warbler 
  9. Ultramarine Grosbeak 
  10. Ultramarine Lorikeet 
  11. Unicolored Jay 
  12. Uvea Parakeet 
  13. Usambara Weaver 
  14. Ussher’s Flycatcher 
  15. Ural Owl 

Undersized Animals that Start with the Letter ‘U’ 

These small-sized creatures will shock you not because of their size but due to their not-so-ordinary characteristics. 

  1. Ucayali Spiny Mouse 
  2. Upemba Mud Turtle 
  3. Uzzell’s Lizard 
  4. Uganda Nothobranch 
  5. Ulrey’s Tetra 
  6. Umatilla Dace 
  7. Upland Bully 
  8. Utah Blind Snake 
  9. Unicolored Tree Rat 
  10. Ural Field Mouse 
  11. Underwing Moth 
  12. Unstriped Ground Squirrel 
  13. Ussuri Tube-Nosed Bat 
  14. Unicorn Crestfish 
  15. Uganda Large-toothed Shrew 

The High and Mighty: Unexpectedly Large Animals that Start with the Letter ‘U’ 

Here are some of the large and mighty creatures that roam in the wilderness. 

  1. Ursus Arctos 
  2. Ukrainian Riding Horse 
  3. Urial 
  4. Uda Sheep 
  5. Undulated Moray Eels 
  6. Union Snook 
  7. Ursus Maritimus (Polar Bear) 
  8. Ultimate Mastiff 
  9. Unmol Horse 
  10. Uzunyayla 

Undeniably Adorable Animals that Start with the Letter ‘U’ 

No one will deny that the following creatures are 100% adorable. 

  1. Utonagan 
  2. Urocyon Cinereoargenteus 
  3. Unalaska Collared Lemming 
  4. Upland Goose 
  5. Ussuri Cat 
  6. Ukrainian Levkoy 
  7. Ural Rex 
  8. Upland Antshrike 
  9. Uniform Treehunter 
  10. Ursus Americanus (American Black Bear 

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