80+ Animals that start with V

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Venturing the Vast World of Animals that Start with the Letter ‘V’ 

Are you interested in the best list of animals that start with V?

It might be hard to think of an animal that starts with V at first! What about Vampire Bat? Or how about Venus Fly Trap? In this article we’ll review the top 80 animals that start with the letter V.

The letter V includes some very interesting beings!

Have you heard of the Vaquita, Viper and Vole? I bet there will be a few V animals new to you on this list!

Enrich your knowledge by learning more about animals that begin with the letter ‘V.’ 

The Very Best of the Best: 15 Animals that Start with the Letter ‘V’ 

Animals with Unconvential Names that Start with the Letter ‘V’ 

The following animals with the most unconventional names will surely catch your interest within a few seconds. 

  1. Vinegaroon 
  2. Viscacha 
  3. Vini vidivici (Conquered Lorikeet) 
  4. Van Deusen’s Rat 
  5. Virgin Islands Coqui 
  6. Vermiculate Shrew 
  7. Voalavoanala 
  8. Visored Rat 
  9. Vietnam Leaf-nosed bat 
  10. Victoria Scalyfoot 
  11. Vizcacha 
  12. Vanderhaege’s Toadhead Turtle 
  13. Vanikolo Goatfish 
  14. Vampire Pleco 
  15. V-Lip 

Very Bizarre Animals that Start with the Letter ‘V’ 

Are you curious about how bizarre they can be? Discover more about them! 

  1. Venezuelan Poodle Moth 
  2. Vietnamese Long-nosed Snake 
  3. Vietnamese Long-nosed Snake 
  4. Vampire Squid 
  5. Vigtorniella Worm 
  6. Venus Flytrap Anemone 
  7. Vietnamese Mossy Frog 
  8. Victoria Crowned Pigeon 
  9. Volcano Clawed Frog 
  10. Vicente’s Poison Frog 
  11. Venezuelan Horned Frog 
  12. Venezuelan Yellow Frog 
  13. Visored Bat 
  14. Vinogradov’s Jerboa 
  15. Veiled Chameleon 

Mini Animals that Start with the Letter ‘V’ 

Get to know these tiny-look creatures. 

  1. Virgin Islands Dwarf Gecko 
  2. Velvety Shore Bug 
  3. Velvet Water Bug 
  4. Volcano Shrew 
  5. Valdina Farms Salamander 
  6. Viscacha Rat 
  7. Vagrant Shrew 
  8. Vespidae 
  9. Velvet Mite 
  10. Viburnum Leaf Beetle 
  11. Vulcan Lipinia 
  12. Variegated Platyfish 
  13. Vachelli’s Glass Perchlet 
  14. Volcano Harvest Mouse 
  15. Vegetable Leafminer 

Unbelievably Cute Animals that Start with the Letter ‘V’ 

You won’t believe that there are creatures overloaded with cuteness. 

  1. Volcano Rabbit 
  2. Vanga 
  3. Variegated Squirrel 
  4. Velvet Asity 
  5. Vireo 
  6. Vanga 
  7. Vietnam Flying Frog 
  8. Velvety Fat-tailed Opossum 
  9. Variable Grass Mouse 
  10. Val’s Gundi 
  11. Vesper Rat 
  12. Victoria Collared Lemming 
  13. Verdin 
  14. Visagie’s Golden Mole 
  15. Vincent’s Bush Squirrel 

Large and Voluptuous: Big Animals that Start with the Letter ‘V’ 

Here are some of the largest animals that begin with the letter ‘V.’ 

  1. Virginia Opossum 
  2. Vulture 
  3. Vicuña 
  4. Visayan Warty Pig 
  5. Varanus Mabitang 
  6. Vampire Squid 
  7. Variegated Shark 

The Captivating and Adorable Animals that Start with the Letter ‘V’ 

Be captivated by each of the following animal’s unique charm. 

  1. Verreaux’s Sifaka 
  2. Vizsla 
  3. Volpino Italiano 
  4. Visayan Spotted Deer 
  5. Vordermann’s Flying Squirrel 
  6. Valley Bulldog 
  7. Vordermann’s Flying Squirrel 
  8. Violet-eared Waxbill 
  9. Vixen 
  10. Vitelline Masked Weaver 

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