80+ Animals that start with Y

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Into the Wild Yonder: Animals that Start with the Letter ‘Y’ 

Are you looking for the best list of animals that start with Y?

Which animal do you think of first when you think of the letter Y? Is it Yak? I bet it is! In this article we’ll review the top 80 animals that start with the letter Y.

Have you heard of the Yellowjacket, Yorkshire Terrier and Yacare? There’s sure to be a few Y animals that are new to you!

Discover more about these beautiful wild creatures that start with the letter ‘Y’ and their way of living in the wild. 

15 Best Animals that Start with the Letter ‘Y’ 

Animals with Extraordinary Names that Start with the Letter ‘Y’ 

  1. Yoda Fruit Bat 
  2. York Chocolate 
  3. Yellowhammer 
  4. Yinnietharra Dragon 
  5. Yellow Lipped Scalyfoot 
  6. Yaqui Blackhead Snake 
  7. Yellow-handed Titi 
  8. Yosemite Toad 
  9. Yellow Chat 
  10. Yapacana Antbird 
  11. Yucatan Nightjar 
  12. Yellow-throated Hanging Parrot 
  13. Yellow-throated Greenbul 
  14. Yellow-shouldered Grassquit 
  15. Yellow-lored Tody-Flycatcher 

Untypical, Uncanny Creatures that Start with the Letter ‘Y’ 

  1. Yeti Crab 
  2. Yabby 
  3. Yapok Opossum 
  4. Yellow margined Box Turtle 
  5. Yellow Monitor 
  6. Yautepec Tropical Night Lizard 
  7. Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard 
  8. Yellow-blotched Palm Pit Viper 
  9. Yellow-winged Bat 
  10. Yellow Bittern 
  11. Yap White-eye 
  12. Yellow-throated Frog 
  13. Yucatan Woodpecker 
  14. Yinnietharra Dragon 
  15. Yuman Desert Fringe-toed Lizard 

Tiny Animals that Start with the Letter ‘Y’ 

  1. Yungas Rice Rat 
  2. Yumi Myotis 
  3. Yellow-Footed Antechinus 
  4. Yellowjacket 
  5. Yankari Shrew 
  6. Yamdena Warbler 
  7. Yellow Flycatcher-Warbler 
  8. Yemen Accentor 
  9. Yellow Isthmus Rat 
  10. Yenyuan Stream Salamander 

Animals with Yielding Cuteness that Start with the Letter ‘Y’ 

  1. Yorkie Poo 
  2. Yorkie Bichon 
  3. Yoranian 
  4. Yellow-bellied brush-furred Rat 
  5. Yucatan Squirrel 
  6. Yellow Ground Squirrel 
  7. Yellow-Bellied Weasel 
  8. Yellowbelly Mud Turtle 
  9. Yellow-headed Box Turtle 
  10. Yellow-bellied Weasel 
  11. Yellow Canary 
  12. Yellow Honeyeater 
  13. Yellow Longbill 
  14. Yellow-vented Flowerpecker 
  15. Yellow Steppe Lemming 

Hefty, Heavy, Weighty: Large Animals that Start with the Letter ‘Y’ 

  1. Yacare Caiman 
  2. Yellow Baboon 
  3. Yellow Mongoose 
  4. Yearling (Young Horse) 
  5. Yellow-Backed Duiker 
  6. Yellow-Bellied Marmot 
  7. Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby 
  8. Yelkouan Shearwater 
  9. Yellowbelly House Snake 
  10. Yellowbelly Mud Turtle 

Young and Adorable Animals that Start with the Letter ‘Y’ 

  1. Yakutian Laika 
  2. Yellow-crowned Brush-tailed Rat 
  3. Yunnan Hare 
  4. Yellow-headed Temple Turtle 
  5. Yap Monarch 
  6. Yellow Lorikeet 
  7. Yellow Cardinal 
  8. Yellow Tyrannulet 
  9. Yellow-cheeked Chipmunk 
  10. Yellow-throated Marten 

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