100+ Animals that start with P

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Are you interested in the best animals that start with P?

What’s the first animal you can think of that begins with P? Is it Penguin or Parrot? In this article we’ll review the top 100 animals that start with the letter P. We’ll cover all the top picks of animals beginning with the letter P.

The letter P includes some of the most precious and peculiar creatures in the world!

Have you heard of the Pirhana, Platypus and Porpoise? I bet there are a few P animals you haven’t heard of before!

Let’s get you acquainted with some animals that begin with the letter ‘P’ and discover their uniqueness and significance to the environment. 

The Picks of the Bunch: Top 15 Animals that Start with the Letter ‘P’ 

Find out the most popular animals that start with the letter ‘P.’ 

Creatures with Peculiar Names that Start with the Letter ‘P’ 

Their names might sound ludicrous to you, but these creatures have got something to offer to Mother Nature. 

  1. Pacman Frog 
  2. Pacu 
  3. Paint Horse 
  4. Panda Ant 
  5. Patas Monkey 
  6. Piglet Squid 
  7. Pink See-Through Fantasia 
  8. Poison Dart Frog 
  9. Polyphemus Moth 
  10. Pomfret 
  11. Portuguese Man O’War 
  12. Pronghorn 
  13. Puku 
  14. Purple Martin 
  15. Puss Moth 

Perplexingly Strange Animals that Start with the Letter ‘P’ 

The following creatures will surely blow your mind or take your breath away because of their bizarre yet perplexing features and abilities. 

  1. Paca 
  2. Pangolin 
  3. Panther Chameleon 
  4. Parrotfish 
  5. Patagonia Mara 
  6. Peacock Mantis Shrimp 
  7. Pelican Eel 
  8. Pied Tamarin 
  9. Pileated Woodpecker 
  10. Pink Fairy Armadillo 
  11. Pleco 
  12. Porcupine 
  13. Prairie Chicken 
  14. Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine 
  15. Proboscis Monkey 

Preeminently Cute Creatures that Start with the Letter ‘P’ 

Cute creatures can easily attract your attention. Check out these beautiful and cute animals that will leave your jaw dropping. 

  1. Pacific Sea Urchin 
  2. Parakeet 
  3. Partridge 
  4. Peacock Butterfly 
  5. Petrel 
  6. Pika 
  7. Pine Marten 
  8. Pitta 
  9. Porpoise 
  10. Prairie Dog 
  11. Prevost Squirrel 
  12. Ptarmigan 
  13. Puffin 
  14. Pug 
  15. Pygmy Rabbit 

Petite-sized Animals that Start with the Letter ‘P’ 

Who says being small is a problem? Here are the following creatures that don’t consider their tiny size as a hindrance to survival. 

  1. Pack Rat 
  2. Pacific Sardine 
  3. Paper Wasp 
  4. Patagonian Opossum 
  5. Pied Flycatcher 
  6. Pill Bug 
  7. Plain Wren 
  8. Platy 
  9. Plover 
  10. Pollen Beetle 
  11. Pool Frog 
  12. Prairie Vole 
  13. Purple Finch 
  14. Pygmy Marmoset 
  15. Pygmy Seahorse 

The Most Prodigious Animals that Start with the Letter ‘P’ 

Give way to the following large-sized creatures that start with the letter ‘P.’ 

  1. Pacific Halibut 
  2. Pallid Sturgeon 
  3. Pantropical Spotted Dolphin 
  4. Pelagic Thresher 
  5. Pelican 
  6. Percheron 
  7. Pere Davids Deer 
  8. Pike 
  9. Pitbull 
  10. Porbeagle Shark 
  11. Pot Belly Pig 
  12. Przewalski’s Horse 
  13. Puma 
  14. Purple Emperor Butterfly 
  15. Pygmy Hippopotamus 

Precious and Adorable Animals that Start with the Letter ‘P’ 

Prepare yourselves to resist these 15 animals fully packed with charms. 

  1. Pademelon 
  2. Painted Turtle 
  3. Pampas Cat 
  4. Papillon 
  5. Persian Cat 
  6. Pheasant 
  7. Pintail 
  8. Pointer 
  9. Pomeranian 
  10. Poodle 
  11. Possum 
  12. Potoroo 
  13. Potto 
  14. Pygmy Goat 
  15. Pygmy Octopus 

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